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Multimedia Room

The room was named after Prof. Vittorino Gazza, by resolution of G.C, n° 46 of 21st April 2008.

Prof. Vittorino Gazza ( Soresina 1918 – Castelleone 2006).

Born in Soresina on 12th November 1918 he graduated in Arts ( classical studies)and philosophy. He was first a teacher and then the principal of the “Liceo Classico Manin” of Cremona and later of the “ Istituo Magistrale Maffeo Vegio” of Lodi.
Since he was young he was a member of the “Azione cattolica”; in the local elections of 1951 he was elected town councillor in Soresina and he remained in office until 1960.
Re-elected in 1970, he resigned the following year because he was a member of the Consiglio Provinciale (provincial administration council) where he was first a member of several boards and then the President of the cultural Commission.
From 1977 to 1979 he was the President of the District N° 26 “ Adda-Oglio-Gerundo”
In 1979 he was again a member of the Consiglio Comunale (Town council) and on the 10th July 1979 he was made Major : he hold the office until the 15th of May 1982.

On 16th July of the same year he resigned from the post of town councillor and he retired for ever from local politics .
He was a member of the management committee of the USSL 51 until 1987 when he left the administrative public life for ever.
From 1964 to 1999 he was the President of the local AVIS ( Association of voluntary blood donors )and , from 1978 to 1996, President of the provincial AVIS:
A simple but serious man, a fair politician, a strong but obedient man ( this is a quality which requires more courage than it is required to be a rebel) for our community he was the leader to follow in order to find a quiet harbour in painful moments of administrative crisis.
A reserved man, he withdrew from public life and went back to his favourite studies without any clamour-.
He died on 2nd August 2006 in Castelleone. He enjoys the respect and the esteem of all the people who had the pleasure and the luck of meeting him.


Equipment available in the Room.

The room has an audio-video system made of the following appliances:

n. 2 table microphones with on/off switch and start light.
n. 1 radio--microphone
n. 1 amplifier 2x180w.
n. 1 line mixer 4mic/line 4 stereo
n. 4 wall audio diffuser
n. 1 DPL video-projector (ceiling assembled)
n. 1 DVD player output 5.1
n. 1 Intel laptop P4 2,8 Ghz 1Mb RAM.

The system is installed in an cabinet rack 19” and can be interfaced to the available laptop or to any compatible devices.

The adjacent room, called Sala del Podestà, is connected to the Multimedia Room by an audio-video system.
The room has 99 seats.



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