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Vibrante sintesi naturale



3 – 18 ottobre 2009

From 3rd to 18th of October the “Sale del Podestà” are the seat of the Exhibition of Mr. Emanno Peviani

The exhibition, which has been organized under the patronage of the municipal authority, starts on Saturday 3rd June at 5,30 pm..

The presentation of the artist and the exposition are the care of Mr. Simone Fappanni, while the preparation is under the supervision of Mr.Roberto Dellanoce, who is the coordinator of the Sale del Podestà. During the inauguration , together with the presentation of the exhibited works and an elegant monographic catalogue, the Compagnia Franco Arcari of Soresina will read some poems ideally referring to Mr. Peviani’s production. At the end of the presentation some works of small size will be drawn for among those present.




Born in 1943, Ermanno Peviani lives and works in Casalpusterlengo ( Lodi). His arts is based on painting, sculpture, and contemporary graphics.

Peviani has been a passionate frequenter of art events which, like his numerous expositions often set up in very charming spots, had great success and appreciation from a very varied public. Suffice it to say that besides the attention of the art critics Ermanno has gained the attention of famous musicians, philosophers, poets, psychologists and other members of the cultural word ; he has earned some important prizes and several works of his are in museums, town halls, public and private collections, libraries and pro locos .He has not been the pupil of any painter, however he has met and has made friend with well-known artists.




Mr. Simone Fappanni writes in the catalogue coming with the exposition: “Ermanno Peviani’s art is characterized by a centripetal and vital energy. An expressive strength which, in its radical choice of abandoning the recognizable iconic shapes, does not want to be a remote impenetrable crypticity. In fact it does exactly the opposite As a matter of fact it is a careful and sharp reflection of the natural universe, deeply investigated without formal concern.

Mr. Peviani is aware of all that: His painting is never made of attempts, groping for something inexpressible : he wants to draw the observer’s attention to the dynamic details of substance which in nature give origin to extraordinary colours and images.

To this eclectic artist nature is not stable but is always changing and transforming; therefore, according to him, it must be represented by a pigmental syntax able to express the never-ending passing of time which marks minutes and seasons and which are grasped with an enviable conceptual syntesis.

This anthological exposition is a basic moment of a creative path which has come to complete maturing : here we have the opportunity of admiring a very significant choice of works which prove that the artist , since the beginning of his career, left the serial reproduction of purely naturalistic topics in favour of pure abstraction.



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